National Debt already robbing our present

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In the International Business Times’ article on the coming inflation, they talk about government debt being at record levels. This is true, and I’ve already talked about how we are enslaving our children with with ever increasing debt. The paragraphs below also mentions how much we are already robbing ourselves. In 2008, the government paid $451 billion in interest on the debt. How much production was eaten up by that $451 billion? How much would that have stimulated our economy? This was before the massive almost $2 trillion deficit Obama is running in 2009. Instead of benefiting from our production, we will be paying for yesterday’s waste. We’ll be robbing ourselves to pay for the bailouts of yesteryear. The bailouts that benefited none of us. They only benefited Geithner and Paulson’s buddies at Goldman Sachs. Couldn’t this classify as modern day enslavement by the rich and politically connected?


Canada’s budget surplus has turned into a multi-billion dollar deficit as a result of the credit crisis. But Canada’s problems pale in comparison to those of its neighbour to the south. The richest country in the world is drowning in debt.

Let’s examine for a moment the sorry state of US indebtedness. Due to ongoing bailouts and stimulus packages, the US will experience a record $1.75 trillion deficit in 2009. US debt (accumulated deficits), as tracked by the famous US National Debt Clock in Manhattan, stands at a staggering $11.8 trillion and counting. In 2008 alone, the government paid a staggering $451 billion in interest, according to the government’s own website, And that number is expected to rise substantially in 2009.

That figure – $11.8 trillion – is a mindboggling amount of money. But it represents only a part of America’s total liabilities. If Social Security and Medicare obligations are included (which they should be), obligations rise to over $106 trillion dollars, according to the US Treasury.

None of this money has been set aside, but has instead been borrowed by the government for its own use. When combined with the debt of nearly $11.8 trillion, total debt soars to an astonishing $118.6 trillion, or nearly ten times total GDP, or $300,000 per person.

via The Next Crisis: Spiralling Inflation – Part 1 – International Business Times -.

Just to be clear to populist liberals, government will not solve this. The government is the means of the enslavement, so they cannot be expected to set us free.

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