Nobel Peace Prize – What is peace?

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This morning, our President woke up to the news that he is one of the few Presidents to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems everyone is asking why it was awarded to Obama, who has only been in office for nine months and has had no accomplishments worthy of the award.

So, one must ask what does this award mean? In particular what does “peace” mean to those who choose the winner? While all Presidents hail peace and want to achieve peace, how is peace achieved? It appears there is a discrepancy between liberals and conservatives in regard to the definition of peace.

Conservatives believe that peace comes through freedom, which in essence is individual liberty and Capitalism. Even Thomas Friedman, who most recently praised dictatorships for their ability to take swift action, wrote in previous books that no two nations that have McDonalds have gone to war. What he is saying is that no two capitalistic countries have gone to war.

Liberals, on the other hand seem,  to believe peace is a matter of the status quo. The liberal peace, as well as Obama’s, is peace at the expense of liberty and freedom. This is more than likely the result of the liberal mind set that the state is above the individual in the hierarchy of existence. So in order to achieve peace, states must agree to not interfere with what each other imposes on their own people. If peace is not internal to a particular state, that doesn’t matter as long as peace exists between states.

With the Conservative definition, you must ask then how is peace achieved? It is achieved by freeing people. In this regard, Reagan and Bush undoubtedly would have won a peace prize. Reagan ended the Cold War and helped release the shackles of the Soviet Union over millions of people. Also, Bush freed 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As you can see, those who choose the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize do not care about peace of the individual, freedom, or liberty. It’s no wonder a President who has accomplished nothing won. By accomplishing nothing, the status quo prevails, dictators survive, and the states can rule over the people.

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I too wonder what was done to earn this Nobel Peace Prize in such short a time. Though I believe President Obama will be able to put an end to our race wars, it is premature.

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