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Monica Crowley’s article in the Washington Times this morning highlights how completely upside down our government is anymore. Government’s first role is to protect the people militarily, and the Commander-in-Chief’s primary role is a military one. Lo and behold in the current administration, our foreign wars are the last thing that seems to get the attention of our President. The President and the Congress have no problem finding time for Health Care, which Americans don’t want, Cap and Trade, which will cripple our economy, or working on a subversive stimulus bill number two. Our representatives and our President need to read the Constitution as well as writings of Thomas Paine, John Locke, etc to learn what the purpose of Government is.

McChrystal goes rogue

“You might have a tough time getting President Obama’s attention unless you are a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a golf ball or Jennifer Lopez.

Over the past few weeks, he has deposited a huge carbon footprint by jetting to Copenhagen, only to have the IOC unceremoniously dis him. He has spent five hours each Sunday on the golf course. He also has entertained celebrities including J.Lo and Arnold Palmer at the White House, not to mention schmoozing Oprah Winfrey on their ill-fated Olympic trip.

Given these self-indulgent presidential distractions, the commanding general in Afghanistan, Stanley A. McChrystal, can be forgiven for publicly airing his strategic and troop-level preferences. Appearing on “60 Minutes” and addressing a prestigious London think tank apparently are the only ways Gen. McChrystal can get Mr. Obama’s attention. It was the general as matador, waving the red silk, hoping the bull would turn and notice him.”


The president has been busy chasing nationalized health care, an Olympic dream and his Titleist golf balls. Gen. McChrystal had no choice but to go public to get him focused on the realities of the battlefield and the dangerous world in which he, his soldiers and the rest of us live. The general’s responsibility is to keep us safe from attack. It’s a shame he had to remind Mr. Obama that it’s the president’s responsibility as well.

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