RomneyCare sinks Romney’s political ambitions

Posted by Jason | Posted in Economics, Government, Health Care, Video | Posted on 30-10-2009


I picked this up from Hotair, and in my opinion this is why Romney has no chance in 2012, and why I’m glad he didn’t get the nomination in 2008. Don’t claim to be a free market conservative when you implemented one of the country’s only state run health insurance programs that is now blowing up in their face. Now he’s claiming it wasn’t meant to bring down cost. Well, if you were a free market guy, you would have realized providing insurance to all only drives up costs, and the costs are what make complain about health care.

This election I will have a litmus test. Do you believe in the free market, as in no government intervention at all, or do you believe government should intervene and so called protect “the people”. If you answer the latter, you don’t know what the free market is, and you lost my vote. Hopefully other free market folks will do the same.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: RomneyCare was never about lowering costs, says Mitt.

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Most politicians won’t even be able to pick an answer. They’ll think it’s a trick question.

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Then we should vote against them. Hopefully, this anti-gov momentum holds and we can throw some of these bums out. Romney was never a real conservative in my opinion.

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