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Finally a politician that gets it! This is spot on. I believe someone else said this. Hmm, who was that?

By Rep. Bill Cassidy

Price is power. Given limited resources and infinite wants, price empowers us to determine the best use of limited resources.

With health care, the closest most patients come to price is the $15 or $20 co-pay. When we leave the doctor’s office, we don’t know if we received $5 worth of health care or $500.

On the surface, it’s a bargain. But the “bargain” hides and contributes to higher insurance premiums and massive medical inflation.

Our current system ignores the power of price. We can’t know or compare prices, much less be rewarded for acting on them. Because there is no incentive to control costs, we don’t. At $15, why not request any test? According to a McKinsey Quarterly report, the disconnect between price and cost is a leading driver of skyrocketing medical inflation, along with the burgeoning cost of treating chronic disease and the expense of administrative overhead.

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