Wal-mart vs Amazon – Apply this battle to health care reform

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Today, the Wall Street Journal has an article about the battle being waged between Wal-Mart and Amazon to be the dominate book discounter on the web.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. launched a brash price war against Amazon.com Inc. on Thursday, saying it would sell 10 hotly anticipated new books for just $10 apiece through its online site, Walmart.com.

That was just the beginning.

Hours later, Amazon matched the $10 price, squaring off in a battle for low-price and e-commerce leadership heading into the crucial holiday shopping season. Wal-Mart soon fired back with a promise to drop its prices to $9 by Friday morning — and made good on that vow by early evening Thursday.

via Wal-Mart, Taking on Amazon, Launches Price War on Books – WSJ.com.

This is how the free market works without government intrusion. Competitors work to gain market share by delivering either a better mouse trap or a cheaper mouse trap. The winners are the ones, who can deliver it cheaper and better, and the consumer who gets to benefit from the competition. There is no market in existence that must be taken out of this type of economic activity in order to better deliver it to the people. This includes health care. Are we to believe if health care was opened up to competition that you wouldn’t have the Wal-Marts of the world stepping in to deliver solutions? Just because it’s health care doesn’t mean it’s market is different.

The truth is the government is not in health care to better deliver a service. It is in the market for control. It wants to decide who gets what advantages, and who get what services. It wants to profit itself from the consumption of health care, and it wants to gain the power from that is derived from controlling access to health care. If you want to see health care flourish for all people and to deliver progressively better and cheaper mouse traps, get the government out of health care. We will all be better off for it.

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Sure. The internet gives you the freedom to do that. Can you send me a link when you are done. I’d love to see what your are posting.

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