Another case of the government turning normal citizens into criminals

Posted by Jason | Posted in Government | Posted on 05-11-2009


Found this post on EconomicPolicyJournal. I love our all caring government. They won’t be happy until everyone is a criminal.

At a press conference announcing the latest insider trading busts, the government has admitted that it is turning those seeking to make the markets more efficient (by aggressively seeking out important information), more like drug dealers.

That’s what happens when you start making more laws and stretch laws, you cause more and more of a society to protect themselves by using the methods of drug dealers.

“We allege some of the defendants [were] taking a page from the drug dealers’ playbook [and] deliberately used anonymous, hard-to-trace, pre-paid cellphones in order to avoid law enforcement detection,” federal prosecutor Preet Bharara told a news conference.

“When sophisticated business people begin to adopt the methods of common criminals, we have no choice but to treat them as such,” he said.

via Government Admits Driving Wall Street to Act Like Drug Dealers.

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