Confronting the Myth of Deflation

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The Federal Reserve continues to throw gas on the fire claiming it can pull the gas back out if the fire gets out of control. Good luck.

Rand Paul and Peter Schiff respond to the erroneous claim that inflation is not a problem and that we should really be concerned about deflation. Also, Sean Ryan, a liberty activist from Boston, talks about his confrontations with Barney Frank and the president of the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank.

The Federal Reserve has increased the monetary base to an unprecedented level. If that money works its way through the economy, we will see inflation. Bernanke claims that the Fed can reduce the money supply if necessary, but Rand Paul suspects that if stagflation occurs (high inflation plus a slow economy), the Fed will not be willing to reduce the money supply.

At the root of the problem is the fact that the Federal Reserve claims to control inflation, when it is really the vehicle for inflation.

via Confronting the Myth of Deflation | Wendy Macy’s Blog.

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