GE – Growth By Coercion

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Appparently, GE doesn’t believe in growing business by supplying goods and services that the consumer wants. Instead it believes in coersively taking money from the consumer via governments to grow their business. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have helped elect the President with your TV networks. It also doesn’t hurt to fake concern for the favorite causes of the left with “Green weeks” and “Service weeks”. I’m pretty sure on the road to fascism, this is a rest stop.

General Electric Pursues Pot of Government Stimulus Gold


The financial crisis hasn’t been kind to General Electric Co. Its stock has lost almost half its value, the government has stepped in to prop up its enormous financial arm, and sales have slumped in core industrial businesses.

But Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt now has his eye on a huge new pool of potential revenue: Uncle Sam’s stimulus dollars. Mr. Immelt, a registered Republican, quips about the shift in thinking in the nation’s corner offices: “We’re all Democrats now.”

GE has high hopes for the strategy. It says that over the next three years or so it could bring in …

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