Global warming – Isn’t false advertising illegal?

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What’s the fastest way to riches? No, it’s not real estate, Carton Sheets. All, you have to do is get the government to force society to buy your BS. This is what Al Gore has done, and he is now heading towards becoming the first billionaire environmentalist. How did he do it? False advertising.

Manmade climate change is said to present humankind with some of its greatest challenges in the planet’s history, not the least of which is an alarming increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters. Massive flooding, super-powered hurricanes, endless tornado seasons and more have all been said to be the direst of consequences of global warming.

In his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore famously proclaimed that, “Temperature changes are taking place all over the world and that is causing stronger storms.” Standing with Hurricane Katrina as a backdrop, the former vice president issued a cautionary tale of disaster in the making, all due to our irresponsible handling of the atmosphere. As recently as February Mr. Gore was giving a presentation showing flooding, drought and wildfires saying, “This is creating weather-related disasters that are completely unprecedented.”

President Barack Obama, in a town hall meeting in April echoed the Nobel laureate’s comments saying, “You’re now looking at huge, cataclysmic hurricanes, complete changes in weather patterns.” He followed that in September when in a speech before the United Nations he claimed, “More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent.”

But what if you predicted global natural disaster catastrophes and they didn’t happen? Does that invalidate your entire message? This is the conundrum faced by climate change alarmists as many of their predictions begin to fall flat.

via Predictions of climate change induced natural disasters falling flat.

While most private sector companies would be prosecuted for false advertising, Al Gore just changes his marketing a little and moves forward. I’m sure he’s greasing enough palms in Washington to get away with it. The problem is the people are starting to see through Al Gore’s false stories of man made catastrophe. To believe that man has the power to change the climate is nonsense. We are such tiny factors when you think about the oceans, the sun, cosmic radiation, etc.

Recently, a book, Superfreakonimics, argued that if global warming is real, we don’t have to cut back on our CO2 emmissions. Instead, we could cheaply pump sulfur dioxide into the atomosphere to act as a cooling agent. While thinking about humans minipulating the atomosphere sounds crazy to me, it highlights the lie that Al Gore believes we have to do something. If global warming (now called climate change sinces it’s cooling) is really human created, then the solution posed in the Superfreakonimics book would make sense. Humans could do something to fix it. Al Gore doesn’t buy this though. The authors really don’t either. They are just highlighting that we could fix it cheaper than what Al Gore is proposing if this is the real argument being put out by Gore. Al Gore doesn’t really want a solution as proposed in the book. That doesn’t put money into his pocket. He wants a supposed solution in the form of green technology that doesn’t have to prove itself. That puts money in his pocket, and no one can claim it didn’t work.

Gore himself uses more and more energy everyday with his own private jet, a mansion, and oil to slick his hair back. If he truly believed his own BS, he’d be working out of his house over the internet selling his garbage, but instead he’s travelling the world over wining and dining with the political elite, more than likely on the public dime. So if Al Gore isn’t living up to his own standard, then apparently the standard isn’t worth living up to, and Al Gore has been marketing lies. Anyone have a link to the FTC? I want to submit a false advertising complaint.

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Global Warming and Climate Change is the biggest environmental issue that we face these days. the long term effects of these environmental changes to a nations economy is quite damaging. there would be a shortage in food supply as well as on water supply too.

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