Investors Dial Back Risk as Year-End Nears –

Posted by Jason | Posted in Economics | Posted on 23-11-2009


Did you read my post a couple weeks ago about the S&P?

Signs of wariness are appearing in financial markets as investors worry that the end of the year could bring challenging trading conditions.

Last week saw a steep drop off in stock-market trading volume and a surge in demand for short-term government debt, indications that investors and financial institutions are growing cautious and retreating from riskier bets.

via Investors Dial Back Risk as Year-End Nears –

I sold S&P fund the day I wrote that post. I also sold my other individual stocks, because they were up a lot, and I’m sure they will get hammered when this all comes crashing down. Keep watching! Eventually the Fed will have to turn the spigot off, and it’s going to get ugly.

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