Obama and Business Owners Differ On How To Create Jobs

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Go figure! Business owners who create jobs everyday differ from our President, who never created or worked at a job that had a real economic value to it.

Businesses of all sizes are brimming with proposals they say would spur economic growth. The most commonly voiced are tax cuts and boosting access to credit

The White House, for its part, wants to discuss job growth in the clean-tech sector and shifting some stimulus spending to infrastructure projects. Obama aides are also eyeing a limited range of incentives for small businesses to create jobs.

Business want tax cuts without spending cuts, and Obama wants more government spending. Wonder why gold keeps going up? If businesses weren’t looking for handouts, they’d be asking for the government to get the hell out of the economy and quit “boosting access to credit”. It’s the boosting of access to credit that created the bubble that just burst and now leaves them in the predicament they are in. We really cannot expect any better from Obama than more government spending. He believes all life’s value comes from the hand of government. Besides, the media has told him repeatedly how smart his is. “He’s possibly the most intellectual President we’ve ever had.”

Another point of contention: A number of chief executives say the government should clear up uncertainty over health care, energy prices and financial regulations. “Companies large and small are saying, ‘I am not going to do anything until these things — health care, climate legislation — go away or are resolved,’ ” said Dan DiMicco, chief executive of steelmaker Nucor Corp.

Who didn’t know that government medaling is causing businesses to stand still? How about government drop all this stuff, so businesses can get back to what they do best, which is creating economic value.

“Hiring often takes time to catch up to economic growth,” said Valerie Jarrett, an adviser on business issues to President Barack Obama.

Thanks Commissar Jarrett! When will we have economic growth?

Among those invited are the chief executives of Boeing Co., AT&T Inc. and FedEx Corp., along with the heads of many smaller companies.

Oh boy. I’m sure these big companies will not ask for government money. Do they bring their own money jars, or does Obama hand them out at the door?

For small businesses, the No. 1 issue is credit, which remains tight despite the billions spent by the government helping ailing banks.

Yeah, but just imagine how much worse things would be if we didn’t give almost $1 trillion to Obama’s buddies. Right! We bailed out Wall Street in order to bail out Main Street. I don’t think credit is going to make a dimes worth a difference when you have the Federal governments foot pressed firmly down on your neck. Again, easy credit lead to this mess. Expanding credit will not fix the problem. It will just setup the next bubble followed by more disaster down the future. Then again! The government can step in and take more control when the next bubble bursts.

Ron DeFeo, CEO of Terex Corp., a maker of heavy construction equipment, said tight credit is hurting his customers. “Small businesses are having a tough time capitalizing any piece of equipment.” Terex has laid off 4,000 people over the past 15 months. Mr. DeFeo said he would “hire 100 people right now” if the government offset a portion of the new hires’ salary with tax incentives.

via White House, Business Leaders Split on How to Create Jobs – WSJ.com.

Is this supposed to be a reason to go more in debt? This guy says he’d hire 100 people right now if the government would give him more money? That simply means the employees can’t produce enough value to justify paying them. The only way they can justify paying them is with a government subsidy. While I am all for getting rid of taxes, just saying I’ll hire with tax incentives is ridiculous. What he is saying is all the other average Joes out there should give him money so he can make those jobs justifiable. I wonder if this guy pays for health benefits. Would dropping health benefits provide enough to justify the positions? Has he looked into HSA for his employees? Does he have ancient equipment that makes employees less productive, thus making it harder to justify paying them? Who knows. The point is we should not just hand out money to anyone to justify creating jobs. We don’t know if the jobs are worth creating.

If you want real job creation, the government needs to get out of job creation. The free market when left alone creates good jobs for everyone. The jobs are long term, because they can justify themselves. If a job generates profits, it’s justified. If it cannot, it should not be created. If the government would get out of health care, corporate welfare, entitlement programs, environmental frauds, etc, the cost of each job would go down. Guess what happens? Many more jobs then become justifiable, and then they are created.

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