Seven ways the free market it already reforming health care

Posted by Jason | Posted in Government, Health Care | Posted on 13-11-2009


Here’s a great post with examples of how the free market is already solving health care issues. Now if we can just get the government out of health care completely, we’d be set.

So while Congress now debates how to control rising healthcare costs and expand access to medical care through government intervention and a public option, the private marketplace has already started many healthcare reforms on its own—providing affordable access at more than 1,000 retail clinics in pharmacies, truck stops, and workplaces around the country; lowering drug costs with prescriptions for $4 or less anywhere in the country; introducing innovative prepaid medical and concierge plans that restore the direct patient-doctor relationship; and covering eight million employees with HSAs.

When it comes to lowering costs and improving quality and service, government enterprises have a miserable track record, and competitive markets have a proven, excellent record. If we want to make healthcare affordable and accessible, we should encourage greater competition and more market-based solutions like the examples above; and less government intervention, not more. Unfortunately, the politicians in Washington have it backwards.

Check ou the full article at Congress to Healthcare Market: Drop Dead — The American, A Magazine of Ideas.

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