Thanks for the good fight Republicans

Posted by Jason | Posted in Government | Posted on 23-11-2009


While the Democrats fight to take over our lives, at least we can count on the Republicans to fight for us?

On the Republican side, Mr. Reid must be relieved the GOP has apparently decided not to force a reading of the entire 2,074-page bill over the weekend. Instead, Republicans will settle for a full day of debate before the Saturday night vote.

Republicans had the option of staying on the floor and having Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and others read the bill, a process that would take at least two days. They opted for a less strenuous path that will allow them to spend plenty of time at home during the Thanksgiving holiday. “Republican members oppose the bill, but they don’t appear willing to stay up nights arguing against it,” one former Hill staffer told me.

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Oops! Maybe not. Republicans are looking at this health care bill to gain political points only. Apparently, they don’t believe in fighting it enough to take the two days to read the bill. If they would have, the national media would have reported it, and it would have dragged the vote into the week, when people might actually be paying attention. Instead, they voted on Saturday just before 8PM, when most people are too busy trying to live and enjoy their time off work to pay attention to the jackasses in Washington. THANK A LOT REPUBLICANS. I guess there are no Mr. Smiths in the Republican party.

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