The Halloween market and my lack of original thought

Posted by Jason | Posted in Economics | Posted on 01-11-2009


The one thing about Halloween that highlights the inherent nature of the free market is the trading of candy to maximize your benefit. This is done by children with no training and no coercion. Of course as all good thoughts that pop into my head, someone else already thought it and wrote about it way more eloquently than I could have. Here is a great piece from the Mises Institute blog discussing this.

What children truly adore about Halloween is what takes place after the candy has been brought back to home base: the trading. Here is where the excitement begins.

No child can fully control what he or she is given, so it is up to that child to make exchanges with others in order to obtain what he or she really wants, and to do so in a strategic manner so that overall wealth is enhanced.

Read the full article at  Halloween and its Candy Economy – Jeffrey A. Tucker – Mises Institute.

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