The idiocy of the intellectual

Posted by Jason | Posted in Economics | Posted on 03-11-2009


In a very long article in the Wall Street Journal today, they are highlighting a supposed genius economist who is developing a new paradigm of thinking of how the markets work and in particular the use of leverage by banks. Unfortunately, in the entire article, the writer and apparently the economist never mentions monetary policy, negative interest rates, or incentives and their effects on behavior. These supposed geniuses start off with the assumption that the market is irrational and just decides to go haywire out of the blue. They completely ignore incentives and how the change in incentives changes behavior. The new paradigm was reached a while ago. Someone tell this genius to grab some books and read up on Austrian economics.

Mr. Geanakoplos is among a small band of academics offering new thinking about those cycles. A varied group ranging from finance specialists to abstract theorists, they are moving to economic center stage after years on the margins. The goal: Fix the models that encapsulate economists’ understanding of the world and serve as policy-making tools at the world’s biggest central banks. It is a task that could require a thorough overhaul of the way those models work.

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