What allocates resources better? The free market or politics?

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As I have said many times, the free market allocates resources based on their highest and best use. It is fine tuned by millions of decisions and transactions of individuals. This is why the market is so efficient, and meets the needs of society. On the other hand, government allocates resources based on politics. It has nothing to do with real needs, other than the need of a politician to get re-elected. The Wall Street Journal hasĀ  an article on how the Democrats are trying to please all their members with pay offs in order to get their votes. So how is paying off all members with pork for their state supposed to lower cost?

LAFAYETTE, La. — Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu says she generally backs President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul efforts. But she’d like to see a few items in the bill before voting for it, including bigger federal Medicaid payments for her home state of Louisiana, extended health coverage for her pet cause of foster children, and help for teaching hospitals in her state.

While pushing more spending in those areas, Ms. Landrieu also wants the plan to cut the overall amount the nation spends on health care.

via Democrats Pose Health Bill Hurdle – WSJ.com.

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