Can The Party Crashers Sneak These Guys Into The Jobs Summit?

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I love these letters to the editor in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Obama needs to get these guy into the Jobs Summit. Instead he has morons like Thomas Friedman. What the hell does Thomas Friedman know about creating jobs?

The clear theme running through Christina Romer’s “Putting Americans Back to Work” (op-ed, Dec. 2) is that the government is now at the point of having to implore the private sector to increase hiring, as the policies that she promotes have not had the intended effect of any significant turn-around of our economy, especially when it comes to jobs. The difficulty for this administration is the dark cloud of uncertainty that will continue to hover over the private sector in terms of the impact of government spending that really has no end in sight.

Those of us in the private sector see increased taxes in our future: increased taxes to pay for ObamaCare, the repeal (or allowing the expiration) of the Bush tax cuts, the increase of the estate tax which hits small businesses so extensively, the potential tax on those who are making more money to pay for the Afghanistan surge. We all know that once this tax is in place, it will be continued and thus be applied to something else. Then there is the continued discussion of a value-added tax as all the taxes previously mentioned are unlikely to be able to pay for the trillions in debt the government has run up and which it plans to run up further, undermining the dollar. No small-business owner, of which I am one, would hire in this unpredictable climate. The current administration cannot have it both ways: You cannot have “fairness” in taxation and expect those of us who are the engine of the economy to hire more people in the current climate, since we are left with so much less money with which to do this.

Until the government provides the business community with relief from its looming, burdensome tax policies, the overall climate for hiring will remain poor no matter how much pleading we hear from the present administration.

Erik Dahl M.D., MBA

Bethesda, Md.

Ms. Romer and President Obama’s job forum is already way too late.

If my company, which makes furniture and sells over the Internet, can be considered a microcosm of how small private business is reacting to bailouts, deficits, climategate, health-care mandates, and financially strapped governments, the unemployment problem is going to persist long after the recession ends.

Simply put, the most profitable business models are being revised to “get around” the roadblocks being constructed by governments, especially the U.S. government. Higher taxes, lack of tort reform, union support, and lack of free-market thinking are all signs to the American business manager that our government is out of touch with reality.

The politicians have greatly underestimated the business owners. When the risk of hiring becomes greater than the potential reward, we will find other ways to make money.

Jeff White

Naples, Fla.

President Barack Obama should immediately announce that he will keep in place the Bush tax cuts. He should lower the corporate tax rate to 10% to make U.S. business more globally competitive, and reduce the outsourcing of jobs overseas. He should lower or eliminate the capital-gains tax to encourage risk taking, entrepreneurship and innovation. He could use the remaining stimulus money to pay for a payroll-tax holiday for all Americans.

That would create real jobs. It’s called Econ. 101, Mr. President.

Samantha M. Marino

Plano, Ill.

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