Free Market Alert! – Ford Seeks iPhone-Like Apps for Its Cars

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Can you imagine what would happen if the government would let the free market address health care?

Ford Motor Co. is working to offer drivers a way to upgrade the electronics in their vehicles, much the same way they can add applications to their iPhones and BlackBerrys.

The car maker hopes to persuade software developers to tap the Internet service, GPS location-finding capability and digital-music setup already found in its Sync entertainment-and-communications system, which it developed with Microsoft Corp.

Such applications, or “apps,” might do such things as give directions to every espresso shop along a highway open after 9 p.m., or allow friends to follow one another to a location through a GPS process called “breadcrumbing.”

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While this is not some huge innovation, it’s just another example of the free market improving our lives daily with little improvements. In pursuit of a competitve advantage, Ford is looking at making your life just a little better. GPS has already made driving much better, and this is the next step. Having something similar to the iPhone built into your car will open up your travel to millions of innovators all over the world. That article mentions finding coffee shops opened after 9pm. How about an application that reminds you to pick up flowers for you wife on your way home? How about an app that searches the local area for the best gas price? How about an app that checks your email on the way to the office, so you can filter though the less important emails before work even begins? The possibilities are endless, and this is how the free market makes our lives better. As I’ve said previously, the fastest growing and most innovative areas of our economy are the ones with the least government regulation and involvement. Imagine what would happen if this innovation was allowed to flourish in the health care industry.

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