Health Care Reform – Democrats drop expanding Medicare

Posted by Jason | Posted in Government, Health Care | Posted on 15-12-2009


Here’s a sliver of good news on the health care front.

Senate Democrats on Monday evening dropped a plan to expand Medicare, winning the support of moderates and the reluctant acquiescence of liberals, in another major step toward building enough support to pass a health-care overhaul.

The idea of letting people ages 55 to 64 buy into Medicare, announced just last week, had threatened to explode the Democrats’ hopes of getting a bill through the Senate when Sen. Joseph Lieberman came out against it.

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While I don’t believe this prevents the government from create a disastrous government health care program, it is still good news. The problem now is the debate has already been framed, and it’s been framed by socialists. The debate is between health care reform and the status quo, and you know the status quo just means you hate people. The problem is government cannot reform the private sector. If the government was not involved in health care, reform would not be needed. Resources would be properly allocated, which would mean they would be allocated where they are needed the most at the least cost.

All this talk about health care reform by socialist pigs makes me sick. The only reform we need to fix health care is government reform. It needs to be reformed back into a limited government that protects liberty. That is all that needs done to fix most of our societal ills. The rest can be figured out by free people.

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The problem is there are too many Congressmen who feel that healthcare is a right, and therefore government’s job to provide it.

Obama and Pelosi are sitting pretty knowing that even if the “reform” passed is a shell of what they truly want, they know it’s a shell they didn’t have before and sets the stage for amendments to be passed later that transform it into what they want.

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John, I agree. All they need to do is pass a bill that gives them control. It doesn’t need a public option. The only thing that will fix health care if getting the government out of it. As you know from reading my previous posts, health insurance(third party payer) is the problem. That problem though would quickly resolve itself, if the government wasn’t incentivizing it through the tax code and mandates.

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