Survival skills and preparing for the TEOTWAWKI

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Unfortunately, I have not been able to blog much over the past few days. I spent a lot of time this weekend just browsing around the web looking at survival skills that you would need in the absolute worse case scenario of an economic collapse. This is referred to as TEOTWAWKI, the end of the world as we know it.

While I’ve been looking into guns for a while now, I’ve finally settled on the Ruger SR9, and I plan on picking one up as soon as Christmas is over. Protection is at the top of the list for survival skills. Hurricane Katrina highlighted how quickly society can deteriorate.

In addition, I did some research on solar panels and wind turbines. It would be good to know how to get off the grid if you needed an energy source. It was actually pretty fascinating reading how you can buy materials off ebay or Amazon and build your own solar panels. Power is a must in a TEOTWAWKI scenario.

While I  was reading up on this stuff, I came across a very cool blog,, a site dedicated to survival skills. There is a ton of good information about all kinds of survival skills; including guns, power creation, and even home based business. I then saw the guy who started the site wrote a book, Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse. I hopped on over to Amazon to check it out, and it had 505 reviews. Wow, I figured this must be a great read, so I headed out to the local bookstore and picked it up.

So far, I’ve only read the first two chapters, but it does not take long at all to pull you in (probably about 2 pages tops). The first chapter is about how the collapse starts, and let’s just say, it’s an ominous chapter in regards to our current economy. The government spends way too much money, the Fed prints too much money, foreign governments begin dumping our treasuries, and the house of cards begins to come down. Bank runs take place, which results in the Fed printing money for the FDIC to dish out to the depositors. All this does is make inflation worse. As you can imagine, unemployment sky rockets in no time at all, and chaos erupts in the larger cities.

The main characters are a group of people who met in college and had a plan for such an event. They formed a group that would come together in such an event, and each member developed specific survival skills, such as handling gun shot wounds. They bought  a 40 acre retreat in Idaho, and they are all making their way there to setup their “retreat”.

That’s about as far as I got. It’s an awesome read, and really makes you think about how unprepared we are as a society. We have no where near the survival skills that our grandparents had during the Great Depression. Needless to say, my wife thinks I’m a lunatic for even thinking something like that could happen, which gets back to how most of society is. We are like sheep in this cage that our government has built. A huge part of the population can’t even take care of themselves with all this abundance, so how would they take care of themselves in a real economic collapse.

Any way, it really got my noodle cooking and thinking that while it’s fun to comment on the idiocy of our government and how they are going to destroy the country, ultimately, you need to be prepared for it. It doesn’t do you or your family any good to stand around as Rome burns saying, “See, I predicted that on my blog.” It’s time to start thinking about TEOTWAWKI and learning some of the survival skills that would be necessary to survive. It’s always the crazy SOB that people go to when excrement hits the fan. I might as well get a little crazy.

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Survival skills and preparing for the TEOTWAWKI, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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My Dad was a survivalist so I was raised into it. But when I left home I fell into the trap of complacence and I leaned more and more on modern conveniences and Government support. Today I am fully ensnared, though I know a lot about what I need to do I do not have the resources to do it and my health is such that it would preclude my survival for long in a world gone bust.

Americans by and large do not have a clue, and those that do are from the great generation of the past and they are dead or dying. Can you raise corn and work it with a mule? Can you grind it yourself without the use of electricity? Can you even travel without gas? If you have a horse then how are you going to feed it?

I have thought about all of the problems with being totally self sufficient for years. If I had a lot of money and 5-10 young energetic people to do the work, then it might be possible. But you would have to purchase all of the tools, build all of the necessary structures, and have the time and patience to live it for at least a year to get acclimated to the heavy work and ensure that you had all of the proper tools.

If this really does happen suddenly and with a complete collapse of society, then there is going to be death and misery on a scale never seen before, especially in America. My guess is that the powers that be only want for it to get bad enough in order to eliminate the sick and the weak and the totally unprepared. But I am a little fuzzy on what the end game is for us so you can’t count on that.

As I have prayed about these things fervently I have received this answer from God. “Do what is natural and prudent and then put your complete trust and faith in me.” It would be impossible for me to go out and fully protect myself and become completely self sufficient. I actually do not believe that anyone can, including those that have planned this nightmare and who are perpetrating it on the world. But I can work to increase my faith, I can have some extra food and water, I can try to be ready to do without power and gas for a short period of time, and I can put back a few silver coins to use in an emergency if the dollar becomes worthless.

The only way that you will be able to provide protection is if you live among close friends and family. You will have to have a community of people that will share resources and responsibilities and who can work together without jealousy or strife. This will be hard to accomplish in this day and in this godless society. But it can be done and it must be done if you want to survive during a period of complete lawlessness. The only other way is to hide yourself underground until the worst has passed, it would not be fun but it is possible.

Without God’s intervention I know that I will not live very long during something like this. But I have complete confidence that whether alive in this body, or dead and in the ground, I will be with Christ always.

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Lee, good comment. Ultimately, you have to put your trust in God, and I do. You are also right that you would need close friends and family. I

I think if something like this happened, you wouldn’t go back to the Stone Age for long. You would need to be able to get away from dense populations to avoid the chaos. Where I live many people have hunting cabins, summer homes, etc that they could go to. You could garden and hunt small game during the summer. Hopefully, you could grow enough in the garden to can a bunch for winter. Then in the winter, you could hunt large game such as deer. The biggest concern would be water. If you have a spring on your property, you would be in great shape both survival wise and financially.

Ultimately, we have all this machinery and technology that wouldn’t disappear, unless you had some time of nuclear attack or war on our soil. With all this infrastructure we could get back on our feet with a new government or gold backed currency. My biggest fear though would be how quickly we could turn into a dictatorship during the chaos.

I don’t think most people would go to the extent that they do in this book, but everyone should take some precautions. You don’t need a complete collapse to have to fall back on survival skills. Look at Katrina.

If any scenario played out though where you needed to fall back on survival skills to any extent, it would not be a happy time, and it would not be easy. Ultimately, you are going to need a strong will and be able to handle the mental anguish that would come. To many people, only faith gives you that ability.

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Rawles is a good read; that book served as a wake up call to me. Beans, bullets, and brains are a winning combination.

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