You come talkin that trash, we’ll pull ya card

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Tony Blankley in his op-ed this weekend explained the vulnerability we have that is growing substantially under Obama.

It is vital to understand that a weak dollar driven by excessive public debt directly threatens not only our prosperity but also our sovereign ability to protect our liberty in this heartless world. There is no better evidence than an event 53 years ago: the Suez Canal crisis.

When Egypt nationalized the British- and French-owned Suez Canal, Britain took offense and organized its retaking. But U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower disapproved of the effort. Unfortunately for Britain, it relied on America for financial help.

Britain could not maintain its currency, the pound sterling, at the pound’s needed reserve currency value of $2.80 without America’s help. Also, Britain needed petroleum, which was being cut off by the Suez crisis.

The “genial” Eisenhower had had enough. He instructed his Treasury secretary to sell off the pound, break the British currency and economy and refuse to sell Britain any American oil until Britain gave up its military action.

And so effectively ended the British empire, not at the hands of an enemy but by the ungentle touch of its closest ally.

Now the stately Financial Times is suggesting that the United States may be imminently vulnerable to a not-so-friendly China playing Ike’s role of spoiler of American sovereignty to our role as the dear old broke Britain of 1956.

We basically have become China’s lapdog with all our debt that is being held by them. While our leaders like to act tough for the mainstream media in our country when it comes to China, the truth is China could tell the President right now what to do. They could blackmail our President with the threat of dumping the dollar and causing catastrophe for our economy. Every time the President goes to China it reminds me of the old EZ-E lyric, “you come talkin that trash, we’ll pull ya card”.

That is why the United States should not accept the shrewd but not yet inevitable prognosis of the Financial Times. In the next few years, we must start radically cutting our spending until our fiscal condition supports a strong dollar and low taxes.

Wonder if he was laughing as he wrote this? I’m sure he knows this will never happen with Obama and Democrats in charge. I don’t think it would happen with Republicans in charge, at least the ones that were in charge before this current Bolshevik revolution. We need people like Ron Paul, who understand economics, in order to ever make progress on this.

It is an open political question whether the majority of Americans love our country enough to make the painful sacrifice (vast reductions in entitlement benefits) necessary to guarantee our sovereign and prosperous future.

Are we Americans still brave enough to remain free? My guess is that neither the two major political parties nor the majority of the public loves America enough to campaign and vote on the hard, bitter truth about our condition.

via The price we pay for debt – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Unfortunately, I think Tony knows the answer. America has become a country of people standing in the government breadline waiting for their handout. While there is a huge group of Americans that want to remain free and want to work hard to take care of themselves, there is just as big of a group who wants the rest of us to pay for them. Then their is the largest group. They are those who feel that if something doesn’t effect them then they don’t care. Who cares if the government is taking freedom from my neighbor, just as long as they don’t take mine. This is what the politicians count on. This is why they say things like “95% of Americans will get a tax break under my plan”. So most of that 95% doesn’t care that the government pillages the other 5%.

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