Drug Re-importation – Another Obama lie to come

Posted by Jason | Posted in Economics, Health Care | Posted on 15-01-2010


During the election, not only did Obama promise to air the health care negotiations on C-SPAN, but he also promised he would pass drug re-importation. As of right now, the health care reform bill explicitly prohibits drug importation as a bribe to the drug companies.

Do you really think the government cares about your health care and how much it costs? Of course they don’t. They only care about control. Drug importation is just another example. Why do you think the drug companies are running to the rescue of the Democrat in Massachusetts?

In a free market, goods and services are not restricted by where they can be purchased or sold, but with government force, drugs cannot be purchased from outside our borders. Why is that? Is it really because the government wants to protect us? Aren’t the Democrats always telling us we need to be more like Europe and Canada? Then they say we can’t trust importing drugs from those nations. The truth is they are closing the market off to us. They want us trapped in this government backed market. This is not the free market.

If we were allowed to import drugs, drug companies would not be able to pillage the American people. The only reason they are able to is because of the gun in the room. The gun is the government, and it is there to threaten you if you don’t buy the more expensive drugs. After all, they promised the drug companies if they do what they’re told, they would protect them. Don Corleone would be so proud.

Yet, we are told the free market can’t provide affordable medical care. This same thing takes place on the state level with health insurance. So, what would the free market really look like without government coercion again the people? Well, Americans would import the cheaper drugs. Drug companies would see the that game is up via lost profits in the US. They would then start stabilizing prices around the world, which would lower the US prices. Drugs are a good, and a good should cost no different in one part of the world as another except for distribution and currency exchange costs.

Can you imagine if Americans were told you can’t import your oil. You have to buy oil from within the US, and the oil company can charge a different price in the US than it charges elsewhere? How much do you think gas would cost?

Isn’t it time everyone starts waking up that we don’t live in a free market. We live under a fascist government. There is no part of our economy where the government isn’t using is monopoly on force to pick winners and losers, to force citizens into giving their money to corporations, or where inefficient companies have to compete to survive against the up and coming little guy.

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