Free Market Competition! Amazon Plans Kindle Apps

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In yet another example of what the free market does, Amazon will be adding apps to their Kindle. Do you think this has anything to do with all the e-readers and tablets coming on the market? See Washington! Free markets deliver. In order to compete with Apple, Sony, Lenovo and others, Amazon is adding features and functionality to their products. Eventually you will see prices come down as well opening up the opportunity to own one to more consumers. Inc. is showing signs of app envy.

The e-commerce giant says it plans to open its Kindle e-reader to “active content”–application programs that would allow the device to take on a wider range of uses.

Amazon's move appears to borrow a page from Apple Inc. and its popular app store for the iPhone. It comes just days before Apple is expected to unveil a tablet computer that is likely to compete directly with the Kindle as a platform for the distribution of electronic books while offering a range of other uses, including music, video and games.

The Seattle-based company said it will invite software developers to build and upload programs that would be sold in the Kindle store later in the year. To aid in that process, Amazon plans to offer programmers access to technology and tools to help them build active content.

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