Government of the people huh? Tim Geithner’s NY Fed Begged SEC To Keep AIG Bailout Details Secret

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By way of The Business Insider, the New York Times has an article about how Tim Geithner’s Fed wanted to keep the details of the AIG bailout from the people.

The New York Times unearths more documents showing the lengths to which Tim Geithner’s New York Fed went to try to keep the AIG bailout and counterparty details secret.

The Treasury’s response will no doubt be that Tim Geithner had no knowledge of any of these discussions.

And he may not have have been involved in the discussions. But it’s ludicrous to think that his folks weren’t trying to do what he wanted done.

via Tim Geithner’s NY Fed Begged SEC To Keep AIG Bailout Details Secret.

It is amazing the amount of people that still look to government to take care of them and protect them. Our government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Yeah right. The only thing our government is is “from the people”. They take from the people to protect their friends. They take from the people to empower themselves. They take from the people to buy votes. The take liberties from the people to prevent a challenge to their power.

If this was truly the people’s government, then the people would have a right to know what their representatives are saying on their behalves. There would be no closed door sessions of congress, back room dealings or secret bailouts.

This is just more proof that the elites of this country view the government not as the protector of the people, but as their personal tool to do as they wish. The government is the nations largest bank ready to write checks to the power brokers as they demand.

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