Lanny Davis your message was heard!

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Everytime Democrats lose elections, they default to the same line. “We didn’t get our message out.” Lanny Davis didn’t take long at all. He had an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning, just hours after the loss in Massachusetts. (bold letters for emphasis)

Liberal Democrats might attempt to spin the shocking victory of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts by claiming that the loss was a result of a poor campaign by Martha Coakley. Would that it were so. This was a defeat not of the messenger, but of the message—and the sooner progressive Democrats face up to that fact, the better.

It’s the substance, stupid!

According to polls, fears about the Democrats’ health-care proposal played a prominent role in Mr. Brown’s victory yesterday. In the last several months, the minority congressional Republicans have dominated the message on health care—and stamped on the Democratic Party the perception that we stand for big government, higher taxes, and health insecurity when it comes to Medicare.

How is that possible? The Democrats have a simple message on health care that has still not really gotten through: If our bill passes, you never have to worry about getting, or losing, health insurance for the rest of your life. How is it that so few people have heard that message?

Then there were the two “deals” that put congressional Democrats in a worse light than the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”—as impossible as that might have seemed—as an emblem of the special interest politics Barack Obama ran against. We Democrats had to explain to Massachusetts voters and other Americans why non-Nebraskans and nonunion members have to pay more taxes, while Nebraskans and union members get to pay less. Those two deals seem to have alienated most people across the political spectrum. That’s not easy.

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There you have it. The Democrats have a simple message, but Americans are just too stupid to get it. NO LANNY! They did hear it. People are finally waking up to realize there is no free lunch from either party. They get that in order to get your health care handouts from your master, you must be subservient to your master. You must re-elect your master and continue to empower him. You must give him your liberty.  It is no different with the war on terror and the Republicans (Confession: I’m a registered Republican). They think they can keep the threat of terrorism over our heads, so that we have to keep empowering them.

WE GOT THE MESSAGE! DID YOU GET OUR MESSAGE BACK? Let’s hope Scott Brown got it too.

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