Nick Gillespie debate highlights lost freedoms with government health care

Posted by Jason | Posted in Health Care, Video | Posted on 31-01-2010


Nick Gillespie was on Stossel and got into a heated exchange with a lady who thinks she knows how to live your life better than you do. Underlying her entire argument is that you do not have the right to choose what to eat or what is best for you. You gave up that right when our government decided they had a role in our health care system. While food is the main focus, if we have socialized health care for all, this will spread into every aspect of our lives.

YouTube – Nick Gillespie pwns Blond Health Nazi.

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I watched that whole episode of Stossel and man was that lady MeMe annoying as hell. That whole elitist mentality drove me nuts and it was great to see Nick guide her right into making his argument.

And he does highlight a big problem with taxpayer involvement in healthcare. Heavy people think they’re ostracized and get dirty looks now, wait until this gov passes the singlepayer system Obama wants and everyone’s commenting on your lifestyle. It wouldn’t surprise me to see restaurants being forced to police what the patrons can order based on their physical size.

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John, the whole show was awesome, as is all of Stossel’s shows. I love how people will bitch about being able to eat what they want, but then they think the government should be involved in health care. Food is only going to be one aspect of the control they will use when they get us all into a national health care plan. They are already looking into the health effects of gun ownership. I’m sure they’ll look into the health effects of everything they don’t want us to do.

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