The Federal Reserve Is Robbing You

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I was reading a blog on Shay’s rebellion and big government on a blog called Right Condition. You should check out the whole article, but here is a paragraph that highlights how the federal reserve is robbing the middle class.

Whether you look at the debasement of the Roman currency or the systematic destruction of the Byzantine gold coin the result is always the same. Debasement of a civilization’s currency leads to the civilization’s demise as the population is systematically robbed while the ruling class grows richer. This is precisely what is happening in America today! If you are not convinced, play around with the inflation calculator. You will find just as an example a 30% inflation rate since 1999. Similarly in 1999 the median income was 42k, while in 2009 the median income stands just north of 46k. So while prices on average went up 30%, median incomes barely went up 10%. This is a systematic plunder of American wealth.

Think about the average household basically being robbed of 20% of their purchasing power. I love how the government keeps coming out with these low inflation numbers, but every citizens knows inflation has been through the roof since 2000. Gas prices are up over 100%, which is down substantially from it’s high. A bag of potato chips that used to cost a dollar is now three or four dollars. Utility bills eat up a larger percentage of your income. Housing prices went through the roof, and even though they have come down, they are still way above their 2000 level. On top of that, the government and the Fed are trying to inflate their way out of the mortgage crisis. Still, the Democrats stand around complaining about the wealth gap. Well, here is your wealth gap. It is expanded by the Federal Reserve.

Is there a modern day Shay on the horizon?

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