Here comes the “War on Climate Change” – Updated

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This morning I was checking’s Youtube videos, and I saw that the Pentagon now is going to combat global warming. I guess this will be the “War on Climate Change” now. This is why Republicans are making a huge mistake when they think no military can be too big, not military budget can be too big, and no military policy can be a bad one.

Maybe Obama will now say to conservatives, “You don’t support the troops.”, when conservatives question money being wasted on a fake crisis. Believe me I used to think the same things when I was pro-war. I now realize that all government, whether domestic or military is looking to do one thing. That is to grow and gain more power. Like terrorism, global warming is the perfect boogeyman. This time they have the boogeyman for the left.

President Obama is hurrying to create military climate change command, apparently planning to spend a big chunk of increasingly scarce Defense Department funds on monitoring global warming. Obama and the Democratic Congress are setting the stage to focus the Pentagon on doomsday environmentalism.

via YouTube – RussiaToday’s Channel.

Update: I guess now that more proof is piling up that scientists have been manipulating data for 20 years, Obama is just going to use military to force global warming on us.

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Here comes the "War on Climate Change" - Updated, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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“As chief operating officer for the cabal of Billionaires who control the global warming scam, Hitler quickly realizes the long range implications of “Glaciergate”.”
(a video spoof of climate science)

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How is this a military venture, exactly? Monitoring the climate now falls under the military? What, having it under the EPA wasn’t working out well enough? Makes me want to puke

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So much for freedom huh? Most Americans don’t buy this farce anymore, so the government is going to force it down our throats at gun point. I just saw on that they found out that the scientists have been lying for decades. It’s a shame you don’t hear that on American media. What a joke they are. Evidence is piling up against this lie, but Obama still goes on TV and says the evidence is overwhelming in proof of climate change. Of course our media doesn’t question it at all.

In the end, Americans are going to get screwed. If they think they’ll be the ones building this junk that we’ll be forced to buy at gun point, they are very naive. It will come out of China.

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