Is Obama Ratcheting Up His Economic War On Japan?

Posted by Jason | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 24-02-2010


Following up on my previous post.

BREAKING: FBI Raids Three Toyota Suppliers In Detroit

While Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda sits answering questions on Capitol Hill, the FBI confirmed with us they raided the offices of three Toyota suppliers in Metro Detroit for documents related to antitrust violations. UPDATE!

The FBI just confirmed to us they raided the offices of Yazaki North America, Denso International and Tokai Rika (TRAM). Though all are Toyota supplies they’ve yet to confirm if this is a part of an ongoing probe into Toyota’s 1.4 million unit recall, and a larger antitrust action confirmed by Toyota to MSNBC.

via BREAKING: FBI Raids Three Toyota Suppliers In Detroit – Toyota Recall – Jalopnik.

So, when will Japan start dumping our debt?

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This is freakin nuts. I don’t get it… it seems Obama is the hybrid of a crappy democrat and a crappy republican. He wants both big domestic government and big war-mongering “Defense” Departnment. My head wants to explode at the thought.

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It’s crazy. I worked for General Motors customer service, and I heard all kinds of stories while I worked there. They had myriads of problems, including safety-related problems. That has a lot to do with why they lost marketshare. I think they lost the loyalty of customers and thier reputation suffered. I just can’t help but feel that this wouldn’t be happening if the government didn’t own Government Motors and Chrysler.

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