Obama the statesman or the great instigator?

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It seems the Obama administration is either purposefully trying to start an economic world war or he’s just an idiot. Flip a coin, because which one it is won’t make a dimes worth of difference. According to a post from lewrockwell.com, Obama is using the Toyota recall as a weapon against Japan.

The Obama administration, according to WMR’s Asian sources, is waging an economic warfare campaign, coupled with industrial sabotage, against Japan through a pre-planned operation directed against the Japanese automobile manufacturer, Toyota.

WMR has learned that the Obama administration authorized the anti-Toyota campaign as a warning shot to Japan over its reformist government’s insistence that the U.S. pull its military troops out of Okinawa. WMR has learned that Obama and his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, have decided to turn the screws on Japan, not only for auto market leverage, but also to punish Japan over the insistence by Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and the newly-elected anti-U.S. military mayor of Nago on Okinawa to move the U.S. military off of Okinawa.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former congressman from Peoria, Illinois, and who is owned and operated by Peoria-based Caterpillar, whose major competitor is Japan’s Kubota Tractor Corporation, kicked off the anti-Toyota campaign when he stated that all Toyoya owners should stop driving their vehicles and return them to the dealership for a fix. LaHood was referring to a problem with some uncontrolled acceleration problems with some Toyota vehicles. However, LaHood painted a wide brush in his comments about Toyotas when the problem, which resulted in a voluntary recall of millions of Toyota vehicles, including the popular Camry and Corolla, by the Japanese auto giant, affected only a small fraction of Toyota vehicles. LaHood has also threatened Toyota with unspecified civil penalties.

Asian intelligence agencies have discovered that LaHood was implementing a White House operation to grab a major portion of Toyota’s market share and hand it over the General Motors and Ford. The Obama administration, through its bailout of GM, has become a virtual auto company and, therefore, is playing economic hardball with Japan. Ford also benefited from the Obama administration’s stimulus package. The chief architects of the anti-Toyota campaign, according to our sources, are Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House Chief of Staff Emanuel.

By increasing GM’s viability at the expense of Toyota, Geithner sees a potential windfall when the federal government sells its share of GM stock to the public. The corporate media have played along with the Obama administration’s anti-Toyota and anti-Japan operation by hyping the safety issues with Toyota’s vehicles, especially the popular Prius hybrid vehicle. The Obama administration has decided on economic warfare against Toyota to restore GM as the world’s number one auto manufacturer, a position enjoyed by GM until 2007 when Toyota overtook it in sales.

via Obama Waging Economic Warfare on Several Fronts, Including Japan.

I’m so glad Obama is so good at the foreign policy stuff. I mean there has been so many great foreign policy achievements since he came into office. He got our troops our of Iraq as promised. What? He didn’t? OK, well at least we are not acting like a belligerent nation dropping bombs all over the middle east. Are serious? He’s had more drone attacks in one year than Bush did in eight? Yeah, but he sat down with Iranians and work out a peaceful solution to the tensions between our countries. What do you mean Hillary just turned up the heat saying Iran is a dictatorship?

Eh boy.

You mean with all the chills that went up people’s legs, Obama pretty much sucks at foreign policy? Now he is going to start an economic war with our biggest debt holders?

Under Obama we just sold weapons to Taiwan, which angered China. Obama and Hillary both keep sticking their fingers in the eye of the Chinese government about their censorship of the internet. Obama also imposed tariffs on steel and on tires from China.

China already dumped some of our debt, which made Japan our biggest debt holder. Just one of those countries dumping our debt could collapse our economy. What happens if they both do it?

Now we are instigating a fight with Japan using Toyota, because we don’t want to remove our base from Okinawa. I thought we weren’t an empire. Surely, if we weren’t an empire, we’d have no reason to use coercion against the Japanese. If they want us out, we should leave. Better yet, we should not even have waited to be asked. Considering our finances, we should have closed that base long ago.

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