Tenth Amendment Center founder takes Glenn Beck to task on Media interview

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Yesterday, I was very disappointed with Glenn Beck’s smear of Debra Medina, who is running for Texas Governor. Apparently, Beck would rather have Obama or any other progressive in the White House as well as the majority in congress, as long as they say all 9/11 Truthers are whack jobs and should be publicly castrated.

Today, my mood was lightened by a great post by the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center. Click over to the Tenth Amendment Center for the full post. It’s definitely worth your time.

But, you know what? I’m not a detective, and I don’t have time to study the science, the clues, the mystery behind global warming or the global warming swindle as many people call it. So, if you had me on your TV show (sorry I wasn’t available when your producers asked last year, but I think my recommendation for a substitute worked out great!), and asked me:

“Michael – do you believe in this global warming scam, do you believe what the mainstream scientists are telling us about global warming – yes or no!?”

I’d have to answer this way:

“I’ve heard a lot of reports from reputable people on both sides of that issue. There are some very good arguments, and I think the American people have not seen all of the evidence there, so I have not taken a position on that. What I do know is this, I don’t trust the government to tell me the truth.”

In response, would you then say that you’re “writing me off” and “writing the Tenth Amendment Center off” because I haven’t taken a position on this – and that a better source for state sovereignty information is now the Huffington Post?”

Well, that’s basically what you did with Debra Medina on your program this week. The one person in the Texas campaign who’s had the courage to speak out about the Constitution, about nullification and interposition, about the founders, about the principles of liberty that this country was founded upon. That one person is “written off” by you because she hasn’t “taken a position on” a conspiracy theory that may or may not be of interest to her or her campaign?

Wow. Obviously the Constitution isn’t very important to you. A person’s stance on a conspiracy theory is. Or maybe this is just your way of trying to marginalize one of the few candidates in the entire country running their whole campaign on the original view of the Constitution.

Is that it, Glenn? Because it sure seems that way.

Maybe the real conspiracy isn’t 9-11 or Global Warming or anything of the sort. Maybe it’s all about the establishment media, and people like yourself – is this your way of letting the hardcore constitutionalists out here know that you really prefer the establishment candidates?

What should be more important is a person’s stance on the Constitution. In fact, that’s ALL that voters should care about. Not their race, their background, their religious views, their positions on conspiracies or anything else. People are elected to follow the constitution – and nothing more.

What’s more important to you, Glenn – a person’s stance on the Constitution or their view of a conspiracy theory?

Don’t bother answering. You already have.

via A Question for Glenn Beck on Global Warming and Conspiracy | Tenth Amendment Center Blog.

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I just recently read a book called “Conversations with the Crow – The Final Conversations of Robert Trumball Crowley”

Crowley was the former head of the CIA’s dirty tricks department and this is the closest thing one might come to a “death bed confession”.

These are transcribed conversations between two former spooks whose lives seemed to overlap and you get to listen in as they are talking shop.

Wickedly funny, disturbingly revealing, utterly fascinating. In it, Crowley makes it pretty darned clear that the CIA has controlled MSM for a long long time, primarily through the AP and the NY Times, and that they fear the Internet because they can’t control it.

Thought you might want to see it.


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