What’s Stopping Small Businesses And People From Pooling Health Care?

Posted by Jason | Posted in Health Care | Posted on 26-02-2010


During the Health Care Summit yesterday, the word pooling was used a lot. Typically, it was in reference to how the government can enabled people and small businesses to setup pools to purchase health insurance. Has anyone asked what is preventing that now? The politicians act like nature itself is preventing “pooling”.

Senator Baucus: So the main point is we’re not really that far apart. We’re trying to find ways for small business to pool, small business to take advantage of competition, they shop and compare; and also some tax provisions that enable — to encourage businesses to get health insurance.

Congressman Andrews: And then the President asked the question about whether we can find agreement on pooling the purchasing power of small businesses and individuals so they can get the same deal that big companies and members of Congress get. And my friend John Kline talked about the association health plan proposal. Respectfully, John, I think that what you’re talking about with association health plans and what we’re talking about with exchanges is a semantic difference. It’s a matter of pooling the purchasing power of small businesses and individuals to get a better deal.

President Obama: I just want to point out, though, that the principle of pooling is at the center of both the Senate and the House bill.

Representative Boustany: Small business health plans is one way to really deal with this and allow for pooling.

What is preventing people and small businesses from pooling? It’s the same root problem of all our problems, GOVERNMENT. The government is the one who sets up these tyrannical rules and regulations that say what “free” people can and can’t do. They tell you how you are going to buy, what you are going to buy, how you are going to pay for it, and on and on. It is not nature, and it is not the free market.

If these geniuses want to enable people to pool, they should get the government out of health care. If pooling makes sense for people, they will do it themselves. The problem is right now they can’t because government is a pool of bad regulations and idiots with bad ideas.

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What amazes me though is the audacity of these central planners. Now, they don’t claim to want to centrally plan healthcare (they claim the proposed bills will increase choice), however when they talk about possible ways to get people to behave a certain way, that’s attempting to plan an economy.

These Congressmen, even smart guys like Paul Ryan get sucked in here, think they’re so freakin smart and they can plan 16% of a multi-trillion dollar economy.

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That’s what my problem is with even guys like Paul Ryan, who seems to be fairly free market. As soon as they say government has a role, the game is over. Instead of saying the government has no role and now power to get involved, they say well I think we should get involved in this way. Then it just comes down to which side do you trust to be involved. For liberals that will always be the “compassionate” Democrats.

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