Guns, Guns, Guns, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

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While reading some of the comments on the Wall Street Journal about the case before the Supreme Court, I had to chuckle. Liberals think guns are so horrible, and they talk about the gun as if it had legs and a mind to go shooting whoever it chooses.  They get all huffy and puffy saying things like, “Sure let’s have more guns, bigger guns, bazookas!” Then one guy said he’s sick of gun rights. People should be thrown in jail for life if they commit a crime with a gun and people should basically be economically raped for any gun related accident.

What is so funny about all these liberals is how much they focus on guns, when guns really aren’t that dangerous. Let’s look at some statistics.

There is about 1 gun for every person in these United States. That’s roughly 300 million guns. According to WikiAnswers, in 2007 there were roughly 10,000 people killed with firearms. That’s 1 death for every 30,000 guns.

OK, well how does that compare to other means of death.

Well, about 43,000 people die yearly in car accidents. According to US Department of transportation there are roughly 62 million registered vehicles and 6 million unregistered. That is 1 death for every 1581 vehicles.

In the book Freakonomics, the author’s talk about how when some parents find out little Junior’s buddy’s house has a gun it in, they get all worried and don’t allow Junior to go over there anymore. But, they have no problem with Junior going over there when there is a swimming pool, and the chance of a child being killed in a swimming pool related accident compared to a gun is much higher. The death of a child by swimming pool is something like 1 in 11,000 pools, while guns is like 1 in 1 million plus guns. Even the total number of deaths by pools are higher than by gun.  According to the authors, there are 550 deaths of a children under 10 in the US every year from drowing in swimming pools. There are roughly 175 children under 10 who died because of gun related accidents.

How about outright killings of babies, otherwise known as abortion. There are approximately 1.3 million abortions performed a year. Whoa! Tell me how bad guns are again! That is one killing for every 230 people. But wait! Men can’t even have abortions, so really you can only count women. That would bring the killing of a baby to one killing for every 115 women. That is assuming half the population are women, but I believe they actually account for a little more than half.

Also, these firearm related deaths don’t even take into account how many people protect themselves every year by using guns. According to a Florida State University study (cited in 2nd to last paragraph), there are 2.5 million cases a year where guns are used in self defense.  Also, from the same article, according to a Justice Department report, states with right-to-carry laws have a 30% lower homicide rate and a 46% lower robbery rate.

It would appear if we wanted to have a safer world, we could forget about gun restrictions and focus on restricting liberals from making laws.

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restrict liberals from making laws… now we’re talking!

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I highly recommend the book The Bias Against Guns. It shows how what the media states almost never matches the facts.

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