Stupak: Dems Want Babies Murdered To Save Money On Health Care

Posted by Jason | Posted in Health Care | Posted on 13-03-2010


Well, here we go again with abortion (life) being considered in economic terms. This has to be the most disgusting, dehumanizing argument for abortion. I recently heard this type of argument from a friend, who is far from this ruthless. For some reason, when it comes to abortion, many people like my friend, who seem to very reluctantly pro-choice, decide abortions save us money. This argument needs to be soundly highlighted and defeated, which I will attempt to do in a future post (hopefully this week). Here is a post from Hot Air, which quotes this National Review article and Rep. Stupak talking about Democrats wanting tax payer funded abortions in the health care reform bill.

Sitting in an airport, on his way home to Michigan, Rep. Bart Stupak, a pro-life Democrat, is chagrined. “They’re ignoring me,” he says, in a phone interview with National Review Online. “That’s their strategy now. The House Democratic leaders think they have the votes to pass the Senate’s health-care bill without us. At this point, there is no doubt that they’ve been able to peel off one or two of my twelve. And even if they don’t have the votes, it’s been made clear to us that they won’t insert our language on the abortion issue.”…

What are Democratic leaders saying? “If you pass the Stupak amendment, more children will be born, and therefore it will cost us millions more. That’s one of the arguments I’ve been hearing,” Stupak says. “Money is their hang-up. Is this how we now value life in America? If money is the issue — come on, we can find room in the budget. This is life we’re talking about.”

via Hot Air » Blog Archive » Stupak: Dems told me they want to fund abortions because more kids mean higher health-care costs; Update: Waxman?.

First let me say, Wow. I can’t believe Rep. Stupak put that out in the open. Good for him. This argument is so ugly when it is given out in the open.  Stay tuned for my rebuttal to this disgusting argument.

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