The FDA Will Save You From …. Cheerios?

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Some drug company must not like Cheerios eating into their cholesterol drug sales. The FDA better get involved.

Last year the Food and Drug Administration made itself fodder for late-night comedy when it warned the manufacturer of Cheerios against boasting about some of the cereal’s health benefits. “We have determined [Cheerios] is promoted for conditions that cause it to be a drug,” the FDA said in a letter to General Mills.

By this logic, consumers would need a prescription to buy a box of the oats.

The letter typifies the FDA’s longstanding discomfort with health claims made on food labels, particularly those touting the medical benefits of certain diets and ingredients.

via Scott Gottlieb: The FDA Takes on Cheerios –

This is a perfect example of how we have all been brainwashed. Everyone just assumes that the FDA really has a clue what they are doing and that they really our there to protect us.

Would it be surprising to see Big Pharma using the FDA to go after companies that might eat into their drug sales? Who wouldn’t love eating Cheerios instead of taking cholesterol medicine?

Also, why don’t people ask how many people die as a result of the FDA’s involvement in drug testing. It takes almost $1 billion and up to 15 years for a drug to make it through the obstacle course laid out by the FDA. No wonder drugs are so expensive. So, how many people die because of the time lag of getting a drug to market? Also, how many drugs that could save peoples lives just can’t make enough profit to justify running it through this expensive, time consuming process?

Has anyone thought maybe the FDA and this expensive process was put into place to protect Big Pharma from small competitors? Like most government regulations, only the huge corporations can afford to play the game, so they love all the regulations. It prevents the up and comers from ever nipping at their toes.

Quit assuming the government is their to protect you. The FDA is not about protection. It is about control. As long as the government controls this part of society by deciding who can play, they maintain the power. They pick the winners and losers, and they are the ones who need bribed, elected, and need to remain in power.

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John Stossel made a good point about this on his show – why not make the FDA optional? Those who want to have the ability to put a ‘FDA Approved’ sticker on their packaging can spend the 15 years and the billion dollars, and those who don’t want to, don’t have to. Let the market decide if consumers want that “peace of mind” that comes w/ an FDA label.

Like you’ve always said, killing your customers is a poor business model. I imagine much of the testing would not stop, but things like the eye implant to let blind people see again would be allowed to come to market, enhancing the lives of 10′s of thousands of people.

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Yeah, Stossel had many examples of large companies loving regulation to stifle small businesses. One example was the big push for more toy testing because of lead in the Chinese made toys. The new testing crushed small toy companies, but Mattel was excluded because they have their own testing facilities.

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