We’re Better Off Governed By Random People….and safer too

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William F. Buckley, Jr. once said he’d rather entrust our government to the first 400 people in the phone book than the faculty of Harvard. What he meant was he trusts the common sense wisdom of the average American more than the political elites, who think they know best how everyone else should live. This video shows how true this is.

Also, while Republican party loyalists think the GOP believes in the Constitution and liberty, here is the GOP’s biggest stalwart showing how false that is.

From HotAir.com

The lady in the audience, who Tom Coburn basically ridicules in another part of this discussion as a brainwashed idiot who only watches Fox News, seems to understand how government works better than the senator. She simply points out that people can have their liberty taken from them and put in jail if they don’t buy insurance as our overlords have mandated. What’s Coburn’s reply? “Putting people in jail is not the intention.” Really? That makes me feel better. As long as that’s not the intention, who gives a rat’s ass what the outcome is.

I’m sure it wasn’t the intention of the slave master to kill his slave either. He just wanted him to work. When he refused to work, he beat him. Then when he tried to defend himself, the slave master just had to kill him.

He then goes on to say the intention is for the IRS to coerce you into abiding by your overlord’s dictates. This is different how? Does Coburn know what the IRS uses to back up it’s threats? If you do not pay your taxes what happens? Oh sure, they’ll start off by only fining you, but what happens if you insist on claiming your right to make your own choices about what you should do with your own money? You will quickly find yourself being arrested and sent to prison. Then what happens if you try to defend yourself against your imprisoners? Wonder what Coburn thinks would happen then? You would quickly find yourself dead, just as the slave who defies his slave master.

Every demand the government makes on you is backed up by that one underlying threat of taking your life from you. Sure they’d rather you comply without resorting to killing you, but if it becomes necessary, you will comply or die. If you do not comply, you’ll be fined. If you don’t pay your fines, you’ll be imprisoned. If you fight for your freedom from imprisonment, you will be killed. While most Americans think this is OK, because you should just have did what they told you, it is just proof that you are not free. You are a slave to the government, who just wants you to work like you’re told.

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