Where The Free Market Reigns, People Benefit

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It appears that many competitors what a piece of the tablet pie. As my fellow capitalists know, everyone will benefit from this competition with better and cheaper products. Too bad, the government has locked competition out of health care.

Just as Apple’s iPhone shook up a complacent cellphone industry, the company’s iPad is provoking PC makers — and non-PC makers — to fight back with new devices.

Google — a search and advertising company — is soon expected to begin selling its version of a slate computer, like Apple’s iPad, while Nokia — the world’s biggest cellphone maker — is planning to enter the digital book market through a slate-cum-e-reader as well.

Microsoft, the maker of computer software, is flirting with the idea of selling its own version of a slate, joining traditional computer companies like Hewlett-Packard that have already committed to such products.

In part, these companies are feeling the pressure to respond to the iPad, which went on sale April 3. But their decisions to develop the hybrid products also demonstrate their desire to expand their core businesses, and to experiment with varying kinds of business models and technologies.

For consumers, it could all be good, as more companies offer their version of the slate, a new breed of consumer electronics, in a design free-for-all. The products, which will generally cost less than $600, provide different, and in some cases unusual, features that reflect the companies’ visions of what matters most to people.

via After iPad, Rivals Offer Hybrid Variations – NYTimes.com.

Why should health care be any different?

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“because no one should profit off the sick”

-worst reason ever

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John, it’s amazing. I don’t know where that mentality comes from. It’s been brain washed into our society. Foods more important than health care. “No one should profit off the starving!”

“No one should profit off the ignorant.”
“No one should profit off the cold and naked.”

Eh boy. It’s tiring believing more in people than the government, and yet you can’t convince those people that they are intelligent enough to really govern themselves.

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