Why Do Liberals Think Only Government Can Provide Essential Services?

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Alright, so I’m on Facebook, and I see someone posted this picture. Following it was typical LOL type of comments. What really makes me LOL is how liberals think only government can handle essential services like fire protection. Do they just assume that if government ceased to exist tomorrow (I know, I’m daydreaming) that all the sudden people would stand by asking themselves who is going to put a burning house out? It’s as if the government created the idea of extinguishing a fire and is the only group of people who know how to do it.

That was my first thought. Second was the caption of “No, thanks – I’m a libertarian.” I’m a registered Republican, but I probably more align with libertarian ideas. Do these statists think libertarians are against fire departments? Do they think that if libertarians wanted no government what-so-ever, that they would not establish services to handle fire protection. If you’ve ready this post, you know fire protection could be provided by your insurance company.

If insurance companies payout based on the amount of damage done in a fire, wouldn’t they have an incentive to develop fire protection and fire fighting services? It’s only the blinded view of the statist that can’t see other options other than state power. Do they need the government to tell them how to interact with their friends, family, neighbors, etc? No, they interact based on their self interest. The same would happen with fire fighting.

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Because profit incentive gets in the way. There is something wrong when a company like Goldman Sachs bets on your investment to fail. Or how about when Blackwater hires cheaper Chilean mercenaries to kill Iraqis because they could care less about which side they are fighting on. Or when insurance companies deny treatment for cancer patients because it would save them money. Or when a mining company forgoes inspections and kills 29 miners in the process. List goes on…

I think a lot of conservatives on the far right think that if everyone were christian and moral (I’m using the term moral VERY loosely) that everyone would look out for one another. At least all the white people would in their eyes. That’s not really the case because a lot of people are greedy and some will trample you on the way to the bank. If certain necessary services are provided by the government then it creates a happier society. If someone could focus on getting better rather than battle their insurance company then I think we would have a better country.

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Where do you guys come up with this profit incentive gets in the way stuff? Profit incentive is what drives people to come up with better and cheaper products and services.

Goldman Sachs is practically tied at the hip with government. Do you think for a second the want a free market? They don’t have to worry about competition because they use gov’t as a tool to bail them out. Our financial system is as far as you can get from a free market. It’s more fascistic than capitalistic.

Blackwater is hired by the government. In a free market without governments creating wars, where would Blackwater exist? People in general do not like wars and the death that comes with them. Governments on the other hand can stop themselves from getting in wars. Violence and force is the only way they know how to settle problems, whether it’s with their citizens of other governments.

Insurance companies do not deny treatment. They deny payment of the treatment if it’s not part of your plan. After all, you are in a contract for certain services. Also, health care too is as far from free market as you can get. The government sets all the rules and is also a major player. The health care system has been recked by the government from top to bottom. The problem isn’t profits. The problem is insurance in general. I suggest you read my post on root causes of the health care crisis. Lastly on this point, government is going to deny coverage much more than the insurance companies. I guess that’s OK with you though, because the government is compassionate and does it in our best interest. Look up what Robert Reich and the rest of the pro-government health care people say.

Lastly coal mining is a risky business. If there were inspections that were supposed to be done and weren’t, then they should be held liable financially, criminally, etc. Since you act like this is an example of why businesses are bad, I hope you will say the same thing with every government scandal. How about Ft. Hood? How about 9/11? What about police beatings? I just read an article about a lady who’s cancer treatments were no longer covered by government because social security gave her money for her son, and then said she makes too much. It’s funny how you pull out a few examples in the private sector, typically in areas government is already heavily regulating and involved in, but yet you ignore the almost across the board corruption and failure of government.

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that comic just ticks me off. what a complete lie regarding the libertarian stance. Seriously, people think that libertarians being against gov run fire departments are against fire protection in general? That doesn’t even make sense. That’s like saying just because I’m against gov run education, I’m against education in general.

It’s bad enough that people rope libertarians in with big government liberals (my mom did when she heard my new-found appreciation for liberty), and this only makes matters worse.

Somehow statists always feel that gov is somehow “better” and profit somehow prevents society from reaching its maximum potential. I hope statists realize that if there was no profit motive and we had to rely on the gov for societal advancement, we’d still be living in shacks riding horses on dirt roads.

Our country is as great as it is because of capitalism and because of the profit motive, not in spite of it. Look at computer technology. It’s probably one of the last industries free of government regulation (aka baggage) and it’s continually improving and advancing, enriching all our lives because of it.

In fact, it’s a testament to the power of the free market that all this gov intrusion into nearly every industry over the last 50 years hasn’t sunk it completely (though given the increasing rate of intrusion, that statement won’t be true for much longer).

Statists feel that somehow society would crumble if it were not for the benevolence of government. This, the same government that rejects more health insurance claims than private insurance, has bankrupted Medicare and Social Security, ruined our children’s future by screwing up education, and waged wars we have no business waging in order to pay off their various electoral benefactors.

OK, I’ve ranted enough for 1 evening.

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Rant away John. Always enjoy your comments. It’s funny how liberals think corporations only care about money, but someone how people in gov’t don’t. Everyone cares about money. The difference is businesses must earn it. Gov’ts just steal it. (Hey, this will make a good FB status.)

I completely agree as far as IT goes. If we didn’t have the IT and internet boom, where would we be? I think we’d be bankrupt.

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Firefighting provided by insurance companies sounds like a bureaucratic nightmare. Are you not aware that every house on a block could have insurance from a different company? How many firefighting companies would there have to be? What if someone called the wrong firefighting company? What if the flames from one house caught another house covered by another insurance company on fire?

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Bureacratic nightmare? You do realize it’s currently run by gov’t, which is nothing but bureacracy. Just because you can’t imagine something other than government, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. The private sector constantly develops better and more efficient ways to deliver services. I have no doubt the private sector would deliver superior fire fighting services at a much better cost than the government. Government is manipulated by cronyism. The private sector is driving by profit, which means you have competition. Competition breeds innovation, efficiency, etc.

Who cares if each house on the block has a different insurance company? Does everyone on my block have to have the same auto insurance? No, because they don’t repair the cars themselves. They could use third party fire services. They more than likely would do something other than what I could even think of. I’m not an insurance specialist or a fire fighting specialist. I do know that there is nothing that the government is efficient at. The free market is always more efficient than government.

Should I sit around an answer 1000 what ifs? If I could answer every what if about every subject, then I should be dictator. The problem is, I don’t know the answer to every what if. That’s the point. Central planning doesn’t work.

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