Your Garden Is A Problem For The System

Posted by Jason | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 27-04-2010


If you think you can always grow your own food when food prices sky rocket with inflation, think again. Government is already making sure you cannot get outside the system. Government must always make sure you are trapped within the system.  This is very similar to Obama going after people who move their money overseas to avoid our oppressive tax system. Instead of realizing that our tax system is driving money out of the country, our government attacks the people who have the money. The government never realizes it’s the problem, but why would it when it’s a coercive monopoly.

With the Fed holding interest rates extremely low by printing money, there is going to be inflation. I know personally my grocery budget has doubled in the past decade, and we are not consuming any more food. In order to save money, more and more people are planting gardens, but this takes away government’s power and the big farming industries’ profits. How is government going to keep Monsanto’s bribes coming if it cannot deliver? Your garden is becoming a problem for them, so it’s time for them to pull out the guns and tell you to stop. Oh I know, the government isn’t going to shoot you for your garden, but they are going to fine you over and over until you submit. If you don’t submit and pay your fines, they will imprison you.


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