Hey Look Over There! The Illegals Have Your Stuff.

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Over the past week, I’ve seen many postings, blogs and pundits arguing back and forth about the Arizona immigration law. While I personally do not know how constitutional the law is, I have intentionally stayed out of the debate. The debate always seems to consist of roughly three arguments about why illegal immigrants are so bad. I would argue none of them should be laid at the feet of the immigrants, and instead should be directed toward the real culprit, the federal government.

The first argument is that immigrants are coming over the boarder and driving up our taxes because they are receiving welfare, medical care and education at the tax payers’ expense. What is the difference between the immigrant and the American citizens in our society who refuse to produce? Are they some how morally different? The problem is the entitlements in the first place. If you did not have entitlements and laws that allow entitlements to illegal immigrants, you would not have to worry about them driving up taxes. Again, I would ask though why is it OK for an American citizen to drive up your taxes by receiving unearned rewards, but for some reason the immigrant is different? Both are human beings, and both should not be able to receive unearned rewards by the force of government. We already know, the government robs Peter to pay Paul. Now would you blame Paul? Would you despise Paul? Would you put all your energy and your anger into fighting Paul? Would ridding ourselves of Paul fix the problem? No it would not. You must direct everything at the robber, and that robber is the government.

Second, I constantly hear that illegal immigrants drive down our wages and steal American jobs. So first, I must ask which is it? Do they want to come in and collect entitlements, or are they coming in and stealing our jobs? I guess it’s possible they are stealing our jobs and still collecting because their wages are so low. Why are their wages low? Their wages are low because of their illegal status. They are driven underground, and they are easily taken advantage of. They cannot take their employer to court for redress. They cannot do anything that might upset an employer to the point where the employer just turns him into the authorities.

The second problem here is the cost of an American worker compared to the immigrant worker. Because the government has purposely devalued our currency, the American worker must earn more wages than he did in the past in order to maintain his standard of living. For example, if your wages did not rise by 30% over the past decade, you are not able to afford what you were able to afford just 10 years ago. Add to that the cost of necessities such as food, gas and housing has been the most inflated, and it forces Americans to demand more and more wages. On the other hand, immigrants many times are sending their money home. Their government is even more corrupt than ours, and the dollar has maintained it’s strength versus the peso. Because of this, they do not need to demand more an more wages. Add this to their already suppressed wages because of their illegal status, and you got a double whammy against the American worker.

So do you blame the immigrant worker who is just making decisions that will best benefit his or her family? No, you should blame the group of people who eat away at the purchasing power of the American worker, the Federal Reserve. You should blame the federal government for idiotic immigration policies. Allow immigrants to come in and work, and they will not have to hide in the shadows. Then they would not be at a disadvantage when it comes to bargaining for their wages. Also, all the costs associated with American workers, such as FICA, unemployment insurance, disability, OSHA, etc would all apply to the immigrant as well since they would be out from the shadows.

Lastly, I hear about the criminal element. The immigrants are bringing the drug war to our borders. While I am no expert on the intricacies of the drug war, I will say that the drug war is also the result of our government. Because the federal government has made it illegal for adults to do as they please, it has created an underground market where the only recourse for failed business transactions is violence. If government ended the drug war, people who are in the illicit drug business would also be out from the shadows. The excessive profits would attract real business men, who would drive out the thuggish element. They would drive them out by lowering prices, creating and enforcing contracts, and delivering services without the threat of violence on the consumer. While I believe drugs to be horrible, I do not believe it is my place to decide their morality, and I do not believe people should be thrown in jail for disagreeing with me. I do know that when you criminalize anything that should be the free choice of free people, you end up with crime. I know. It’s shocker. The problem is you end up with way worse crime than the new crimes you just created. Instead of just having illegal drug use, you get murder, rape, gang violence, etc. So, when we blame immigrants for violence on the borders, I think we need to think about who really creates this environment. It’s the federal government, and we should demand that they end the drug war. Ending it does not make drug use all the sudden moral, if it is even immoral. It just rids us of all the violence that comes from pushing it underground.

People need to start realizing what the feds are doing. While people scream about the federal government not doing anything about illegal immigration, why would they? Immigrants are the perfect scapegoat for them. Always, and I mean each and every time you find yourself blaming someone other than the federal government for societal ills, quickly turn and look what the government is doing. The chances are they are creating the problem and using it to take your money and your liberty. It’s like the robber saying, “Hey, look Paul has all your stuff.” You respond, “Son of a bitch. Thank you Mr. Robbert. Can you get my stuff back from Paul?” Gladly agreeing, the robber says, “Sure. Sure I can. I’ll just need you to do a few things for me first.” Quickly all your anger is directed over at Paul and the robber gets away with theft, while having you thanking him for his help. This is what the government does to all groups. It divides us. Then it tells each group that the other group is the cause of their problems. Those groups fall for it, and the government rakes in the money and takes more and more of our freedom. Do not fall for it. Do not blame the immigrant. Blame the robber, because he’s getting away with your money and your liberty.

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You completely nailed it – this is what people miss. Like most things, rather than target the source of the problem (government), people are directing their anger at the immigrants.

But there is one thing you forgot in your otherwise spot-on argument – all these people that are here illegally, why are they illegal? It’s because many couldn’t enter through legal channels. Is it possible many would like to come here legally but can’t gain entry because of some arbitrary immigration limit imposed on them by our “benevolent” government? For some, they’ll accept the risk of being caught because it’s better than the alternative – they’ll do whatever is necessary to come here.

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John, thanks. I’m sure I made a lot of conservatives made with this post. The only difference between me and some illegal immigrant is which government rules over us.

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