What The Sestak Controversy Should Really Tell You

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The media has been all a buzz with the Sestak scandal. Republican hacks have been jumping ugly that they might have something on Obama. Maybe they do. I don’t really know the law, but in Obama’s explanation there is something more revealing. Something that should tell all of us what government is all about. Here’s a snippet from the Wall Street Journal.

The memo said Mr. Clinton, acting at the request of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, raised with Mr. Sestak the possibility of an “uncompensated advisory board” position. That would have given Mr. Sestak a new opportunity for public service, allowed him to keep his House seat and “avoid a divisive Senate primary,” the memo said.

Mr. Clinton made the approach during a phone call in June or July 2009, according to an official familiar with the matter, who provided additional details in a briefing. Mr. Sestak declined the offer, the memo said.

via White House Used Clinton to Nudge Sestak From Senate Bid – WSJ.com.

Bolded letters were obviously mine. So, what would make Sestak want to drop his Senate run if the position was just an uncompensated board position? If you are truly wanting to change government, you of course would want run for the Senate, but what made Obama think that simply offering this uncompensated position would make Sestak drop out of the race?

Could it be that people in these unelected positions are able to hand out favors more easily? Is this more like, “Take this position. You’ll be able to enrich yourself by handing out contracts.”? I’m guessing this is the case. What this whole thing should tell you is your government does nothing but steal money fromĀ  you and then use that money in order to bribe and coerce others into behaving the way they want. They use the money to enrich and empower themselves. They are not working in your interest. They will do anything legal, illegal, moral, immoral, ethical or unethical to keep and gain more power.

Now as far as the uproar. What is it all about? Obama tried bribing Sestak, and this is news? Isn’t that like being shocked and appalled that a prostitute had sex with someone outside marriage? Yeah, of course. That’s what they do. Why are we so surprised?

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