The United States Cause of Death, Plundered to Death

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Now that the government has already plundered trillions of dollars from the people to bailout wall street bankers and General Motors, they are now getting set to plunder hundreds of billions more to bail out the unions.

Feeling tapped out after stimulus, ObamaCare and everything else? Senator Bob Casey has one more deal for you. If the Pennsylvania Democrat gets his way, U.S. taxpayers will also pick up the astonishing tab for poorly managed union pension plans.

Mr. Casey is gathering support for his curiously named “Create Jobs and Save Benefits Act,” a bailout for union-run retirement plans. Similar to House legislation from North Dakota Democrat Earl Pomeroy and Ohio Republican Patrick Tiberi, the bill would transfer tens of billions of dollars worth of retiree liabilities to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, i.e., to taxpayers.

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So let’s put this in layman’s terms. Unions have lied to themselves all these years about the real value of their labor, crushing the businesses they work for. Then they fell for their union leaders’ lies and “pension plans”. Because of their choices, everyone else in society is supposed to suffer. They should have no responsibility for their choices. Their leaders should walk away scott free thinking they did a great job, and the rest of American workers should be enslaved to pay for their mistakes.

In Frederic Bastiat’s book, The Law, he laid out the choices societies make in regards to their laws.

“The few plunder the many. Everybody plunders everybody. Nobody plunders anybody.”

Which one do you think we fall under? It seems to be we are under “The few plunder the many” heading towards “Everybody plunder everybody”. There is a good chance this country will be bankrupt though before we get there. It seems there is not a concern in the world that politicians have where they don’t look at the American workers as human sacrifices to be offered up to they cause. The only problem is they will eventually run out of sacrifices. They will have killed the Country.

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I love the name of that bill… as if his bill has anything to do with Creating Jobs, though if he had simply named it the “Save Benefits” bill, no one would vote for it. Since when do you need to “Save Benefits” anyway? WTF is that? But at least by putting “Create Jobs” in front of it, the bill now becomes politically palatable, and reps can say they voted for jobs when they really voted for higher unemployment, more debt and a union bailout.

If we were serious about fixing this pension problem, we’d repeal(?) the executive order signed by JFK that allowed the creation of public sector unions and abolish the existing unions.

Each government employee must take a 25% pay cut and future COLAs are abolished. If they don’t like it, they can quit. Either way, the taxpayer is better off.

Then for pension reform, we take the money that an employee has already paid into the system and transfer it to a 401k in his name. The government will match the 1st 3% of contributions. For those who’ve already retired, we should probably honor the benefits already promised, though I’m having a hard time justifying it except it may be the right thing to do.

I don’t know, there are loopholes even in that suggestion, but I haven’t seen anything better out of the clowns in Washington.

What do you think? It’s nice to dream, right?

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