Go Figure. Texting Ban Having Opposite Effect.

Posted by Jason | Posted in Government | Posted on 09-10-2010


A recent study came out saying that bans on texting while driving have actually increased the number of accidents in 3 out of 4 of the states that put the bans in place. Is this shocking to anyone who realizes the government cannot regulate human behavior with one size fits all solutions? It shouldn’t be. Some people can handle texting while driving and some can’t. As humans we are all different, and the government has no business regulating our behavior. As with all human behavior, the free market can handle the incentives much better than government can. If people want to text, they can, but if they cause an accident while texting, they will be liable for the accident. This is nothing new. If you are negligent, you are liable for the property you destroy, including the destroying another life.

Of course liberals and conservatives, who want to regulate every aspect of human behavior to the point of making us all robots, have plenty of reasoning behind their belief that a ban on texting will save lives. They have the logic of a 5th grader. The problem is we don’t live in a static world. People don’t just stop texting because of ┬áthe dictates of some nanny wannabe politician. Instead, as I believe is the case here, they still text, but they are engaging in more risky behavior now, because they are trying to hide it. They are trying to keep their phones out of site from the prying eyes of the po po. This of course causes them to look down instead of up and out the front window, which obviously can lead to more accidents.

Why do people ignore the ban? Because there is nothing inherently evil with texting while driving. It’s not like we are banning slavery, which is obviously evil and a violation of an individual’s liberty and property. Texting can be a very good an productive activity in a car. If you are running late, you can text something that you are running late. Just think about the absurdity. Is there an exclusion if you are sitting in traffic at a stand still? I am guessing there isn’t, although honestly I’m not going to spend my time looking. What if there is another person in the car who is looking out the window with you and can alert you that the guy in front of you is breaking (My wife does this when I’m not texting. It’s annoying).

One size fits all laws never take in consideration the many factors that are involved in every human activity. Instead, government, in it’s attempt to turn us into robots, drives perfectly fine human behavior underground. They turn us all into outlaws.

Well, at least a study has come out and showed us the error of our ways. I’m sure this ban will be repealed. Right?

LaHood Weighs Urging Ban on All Driver Phone Use in Cars

Eh boy. Go figure. The problem isn’t the ban. The problem is it needs to be federal law. It needs to be one size fits all across 300 million people.

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