Maybe I’m smart enough to run Google

Posted by Jason | Posted in Government | Posted on 03-10-2010


I’m just saying. Eric Schmidt is just now figuring out “The Laws are made by lobbyists.” Really? You’re just figuring this out? It sure isn’t setup to protect anyone’s liberty. Look at our prisons, our legislation, and our courts.

Of course laws are made by lobbyists. The average Joe just wants left alone. The last thing he’s going to do is try to have laws written. Also, the productive in society do not gain by laws. They are already productive, and laws will not make them more productive. It’s only those who look to gain by government force that actually profit from the time spent on lobbying the government to take action. It is the inefficient/non-productive looking to siphon the profits of the productive class that have the incentives to lobby for laws.

I wasn’t looking for a new job, but I’m always open for offers…

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