We’ve moved… ah competition. I love it.

Posted by Jason | Posted in Technology | Posted on 21-10-2010


As many of you probably noticed, our website has been extremely slow. We decided Godaddy just wasn’t cutting it, so yesterday I went looking for a new hosting company. I found a new one that cost less and appears to be much faster. In the process of migrating, I ran into a snag, and quickly the support staff quickly pointed me in the right direction. Isn’t the free market great? You cannot hold consumers hostage to┬ásub-par┬áservice. If you don’t deliver, someone else will.

Here’s to faster page delivery in the future! Cheers!

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who’s the lucky new host?

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A Small Orange. What a weird name for a company, but I got a year for $25, and so far it seems way better than Godaddy. Unfortunately/luckily, I don’t have enough traffic yet to force me into a higher plan.

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