Is The Tea Party Over?

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The rising of the Occupy Wall Street movement makes me wonder what happened to the what appears to be the short lived Tea Party movement. I know. I know. They still exist. After all, they had a Republican Tea Party Debate.  That should tell you all you need to know about the Tea Party. They are a Republican caucus and a complete waste of a movement.

I may sound a little harsh, but what was the whole point of the movement. Unless I’m completely off base, the Tea Party’s one underlying message was to get control of government spending. They vowed to kick any politician who voted for TARP out of office.

Fast forward to the next Presidential election. Who does the Tea Party seem to be backing? So far, it looks like Mitt “Wall Street” Romney, Herman “9-9-9″ Cain, and for a short period of time Rick “Al Gore” Perry.

What are these supposed fiscal hawks proposing that will cut the deficit? I haven’t seen anything.  Have you?

Herman Cain just repeats 9-9-9 to every answer like a catchy commercial line. He has mentioned no cutting. He even says 9-9-9 is revenue neutral. Well, that’s great. So we’ll keep government taking the same percentage of the economy. On top of that, we’ll still be running trillion dollar deficits.

Romney, who constantly tells us he understand the economy because he ran corporate chop shops, then goes on to tell us he’s going to focus tax cuts on the middle class and the poor. Wasn’t this the Obama plan during the 2008 election?  He also mentions no cuts, although according to the Wall Street Journal..

Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, has called for an initial cut to non-security discretionary spending of 5%, or $20 billion.

Wow, that Mitt Romney is a real game changer huh? We’re running almost $2 trillion a year in the red, but watch out Romney is ready to cut $20 billion.

Lastly, Rick Perry, who was the darling of the Tea Party until he opened his mouth is proposing to cut…. Who the hell knows. Every debate hekeeps saying he’ll be laying out a plan, but has yet to do so. He does talk about energy exploration every chance he gets.  Not sure how that cuts the deficit, but I’m sure it gets energy companies lined up to fill his coffers.

Next to cutting the deficit, what was the next big issue for the Tea Party? Was it not TARP, the same issue that Occupy Wall Street seems to be upset about? They said they were kicking out anyone who voted for TARP. Well, how do the three candidates stack up with TARP?

All three candidates supported TARP.

Rick Perry is smart enough to at least lie about that support now, although it’s hard to lie after you sent a letter of your approval. Romney and Cain on the other hand still say they support it. Now, they claim that at the time they thought it was the right thing to do. Of course, they would have done it better. They would have not given as much to one bank and instead gave more to another. Now I see why the Tea Party thinks these guys are great.

What the candidates are basically saying is they would do TARP II when Wall Street comes knocking for another bailout. They are not against TARP because it’s fundamentally immoral and ineffective. They are not against TARP because it bails out the unproductive by stealing money from the productive. No, they are against the way TARP was handled, but only after Obama took it over. They would have bailed out the bankers, but they would not have bailed out those evil car companies, like that makes a dime’s worth of difference to our fiscal situation.

There is one candidate who has propose substantial cuts and was against TARP. That candidate is Ron Paul, who proposed $1 trillion in cuts his first year. He’s a guy who is literally talking about shrinking government, as his plan cuts five federal departments. He even threw in his own salary as President, knocking down the President’s pay to the median household income.


On TARP, Ron Paul was against TARP from the get go. If you know Ron Paul, you know he would be against TARP before it was even conceived. His beliefs are constant. You don’t need to question which way he’s going to fall on some government proposal. You know, because you know his beliefs.

So does the Tea Party back Ron Paul. Yeah, right. They have shown their true colors. The Tea Party is over. It’s nothing more than a rebranding of the Grand Old Party (GOP).

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Ron Paul / Gary Johnson 2012 !

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